Following the departure of Tapani Rinne in late 2001 to concentrate on his own band RinneRadio, Wimme became a trio. Jari and Matti took full production control of the new CD "Bárru", released in April/May 2003. "Bárru" is Wimme's 4th release, and it is as astonishing as the previous three. Surprises lurk around every corner, as does a constant sense of playfulness. Using electronics, an array of plucked string instruments, various sound effects, and most of all, his astonishing range of sounds, Wimme and his band create a comprehensive and wholly unique listening experience. Hedningarna singers Tellu Turkku and Liisa Matveinen provide guest backup vocals.

Albums of the Year From Under the Radar and Off the Map: "The buoyancy of the music and the pictorial force of Wimme's cantorial singing erase any notion that he is selling out his culture. Cugu is colorful and honest fusion, the sound of a birthright reborn". - Rolling Stone.

"Welcome to the confusing dream-world of Wimme. He will take you on a journey to the cold north. You might have to get used to his joik-songs but please, don't be afraid. Have the guts to dive into his music, let the atmosphere seduce you. Even more than on his previous cd's, Wimme created a new music style. He has always been flirting with electronics but on Cugu the electronically music is, together with the joik, the basic ingredient. It's a mixture of sounds and music, rhythm and silence. Sometimes suitable for dancing, like the tittle song Cugu, sometimes cold and dark like Silbabiedju. This CD contains twelve small pieces of art. Very special, very intriguing."
Eelco Schilder (folkworld.de)

2000 Records 2 Die 4:
"Couple this shamanistic chant style with a wide instrumental dynamic ranging from pounding drums and electronic bass to frosty ambient sketches of acoustic sound, and you've got a solid set of tunes that grab you by the ears and keep you locked in place." - Stereophile