"25" - 2009 (CD 87171)
"iki" - 2003 (CD 87094)
  "6. 12. - live" - 2002 (CD 87086)

Värttinä, the famous Finnish Masters of Modern Folk Music, are celebrating 25 years as a band. This compilation entitled “25” includes 22 remastered tracks. Material from all their eleven albums and from the “Archive Live” DVD plus one song never before released outside Finland. The “25” album also features lyrics for each song, translations and fotos from their entire career.

Värttinä are Finland's internationally acclaimed contemporary folk music phenomenon. Formed in 1983 as a twenty-one-piece group, then streamlining down to a ten-piece in 1990, and now a powerful nine-piece, this exciting and dynamic ensemble, fronted by three dazzling female singers and supported by a brilliant six-piece band, has produced ten albums, six of which topped World Music charts in Europe, America and Japan and one of which was certified Platinum. Their distinctive and innovative style which draws on Karelian and Finno-Ugric runo and harmony traditions, has blown away audiences worldwide with tours in Japan, Australia, North and South America and all over Europe. Their recent album "6.12" (live 2001) received unanimous rave reviews worldwide.

The 10th album "iki", released in the 20th year of Värttnä's existence as a group, is another pinnacle achievement. Back with producer Janne Haavisto and featuring new singer Johanna Virtanen, original Värttinä violinist Lassi Logren, new bassist Hannu Rantaen and new percussionist Jaakko Lukkarinen, Värttinä stripped down to the basics and displayed even more unexpected variety and versatility with an album of irresistible melodies and thrills. The release will coincide with Värttinä's twentieth anniversary celebration concerts.

"the whole band becomes a volcanic eruption of explosive fun and danger. This is a stunning album!"
(BBC World Review, Fiona Talkington)

"From the exhilarating drive of "Nahkaruoska", its jostling rhythms and bristling close harmonies bringing to life a story of infidelity and leather whips, to the sheer beauty of "Maahinen Neito", a song of an unwanted earth maiden, Värttinä's tenth album (celebrating their 20th year) is their most radiant and satisfying to date. .. A totally desirable disc."
(Songlines Jan Fairley)


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