"Koder på snor" - 2009 (CD 87180)

Valravn - 2007 (debut-CD)

Wild north poetry

"Koder på snor" is Valravn's long awaited second album. The title (translation: "Codes on a string") is inspired by the Superstrings theory of all forces and particles in the universe being connected:

"Push at plates, they tear me apart,
I melt like lava to the core of the world.
Thousands of treads together, in the same core
belonging east, west, south, north"
as the title song has it."

Edgy, atmospheric and deliciously fearless, Valravn drags the listener on a mental and musical journey over sweeping forests and deep into moody waters. The result is strange and wonderful, intensely outlandish and utterly hypnotic.

On the album as much as live, the charismatic Faroe Islands singer Anna Katrin Egilstrøð is the narrative heart of Valravn - with a rare and very efficient dynamic, she moves from storm to stillness with the natural ease of the sea rising with the tide. Transforming the traditional into the extraordinary, Valravn finds an edgy drama that is just downright fierce, painting a landscape that is thoroughly modern but with ancient callings. - A stunning, headlong leap into folktronica.

The band debuted in 2007 with the self-titled album "Valravn". Their blend of electronics, raw energy and Nordic folk roots took audiences as well as critics by storm. The album was nominated for three Danish Music Awards. - Valravn has toured extensively in Denmark and Europe, having played festivals and venues in Germany, Norway, The Netherlands, Finland, France and Switzerland, to name a few. Highlights include Roskilde Festival, Spot Festival, by:Larm and TFF Rudolstadt

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