"Thyra" - 2014 (CD 87268)
"Triakel" - 1998 (CD 87060)
  "Vintervisor" - 2001 (CD 87079)
  "Sånger från 63° N (Songs from the 63rd Latitude)" - 2005 (CD 87104)
  Triakel's Songbook
  'Thyra' - A dream of making a record.
Thyra Karlsson (1912-2001) from Alanäs is one of the major figures in traditional singing in Jämtland and Sweden. Her dream was to make a record, so that the songs she sang could be passed on to future generations. It didn't come true till many years later. Thyra's daughter has put out a CD of recordings from the archives, and now Triakel present their favourite songs in their album "Thyra". It's a personal selection out of the hundreds of traditional songs collected from her singing by the Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research in Stockholm. They include 'A Country Girl's Lament', 'The Stem of Serenity' and 'A Thousand Thoughts' - a miscellany of songs of love, longing and sorrow - all performed in the unmistakeable spirit that Triakel has created in the course of eighteen years of work with the combined forces of harmonium, fiddle and song. Quiet, passionate music.

Thyra's songs have been Triakel's constant companions over the years, and her sorrowful version of AThousand Thoughts has become a kind of signature tune for the band. Triakel's recording has spread this song to the repertoire of a great many other artists, including one of the greatest string quartets in the world, the Kronos Quartet.

On their previous record Triakel devoted themselves to the older tradition of Ulrika Lindholm. Thyra Karlsson's songs have a more modern feel to them, and are often marked by the dark passion and deep sadness that have become Triakel's trademark.

'Songs from the 63rd Latitude' - Take a break from the music of your everyday life and let Triakel guide you through the songs from latitude 63ºN! - The album "Songs from the 63rd Latitude" is a collection of songs deeply rooted in the bands home province of Jämtland, a selection of their own favourites, both old and new.

And as if a album was not enough Triakel has also released a songbook! The booklet contains words, melodies and chords from the new album.

'Vintervisor': Shortly after the release of Triakel's first CD in May 1998 it was decided that the follow-up should be a Christmas record - not of the usual Jingle Bells kind, but an alternative, nonetheless rich with the unmistakable flavour of a Swedish Christmas. The result was not just a Christmas record but a record of winter songs. As well as a good many Christmas songs the record features a newly-written New Year hymn, a carol associated with Twelfth Night, a portentous Advent hymn and a number of other pieces describing winter festivities in which the Christmas aspect is less dominant.

From traditional songs to Evert Taube, Dan Andersson and former ABBA member Benny Andersson. The line-up of vocals, harmonium and fiddle is ideal for this material, and those who have already heard and appreciated the group's simple, low-key music will not be disappointed. Whether serious or cheerful, these are stories delivered with straightforward clarity.