Talking Water
"Power of the Moon" - 2006 (CD 87135)

When you look at the combined histories of the members of Talking Water, ranging from Clannad, Sally Oldfield, John Lord, Farfarello to Norland Wind and Kelpie, you begin to get an idea of the diverse influences which make up their unique sound. Two renowned musicians from the Celtic Scandinavian world-music scene combining forces with three virtuoso representatives of contemporary rock-pop-lounge.

The brand-new album by Talking Water is a powerful mixture of old and new, an eclectic cocktail of acoustic and electronic sounds. Contemporary song-writing fuses with elements of folk traditions (original Celtic reels, Norwegian and Gaelic poetry, Icelandic ballads), which in turn are combined with ambient-, chill-out-, ethno- and rock-rhythms to produce Talking Water‘s archetypal melodic groove.

With all members being virtuoso multi-instrumentalists, the palette of sounds range from the timeless acoustic charm of harp, guitar, piano, whistles, dobro, mandolin, drums and percussion to the modern cutting-edge sound of programmed beats, keyboards and samples.

All of this potent creative ability is there to serve the song, the feel, the message: ballads of life, love and death, of moon and sea, ebb and flow, of transcending man-made inhibitions and boundaries, of ancient powers carried by the beautifully crafted arrangements, the layered vocal harmonies and the ethereal, soaring lead vocals of Kerstin Blodig. “Power of the Moon” is sometimes minimalist and hypnotic, sometimes effervescent and surging. It is music for the soul.

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