"Rikedom och gåvor" (Wealth and gifts) - 2008 (CD 87156)
  "gryning" - 2006 (CD 87123)

Svanevit is a folk music quartet with four very distinguished musicians. Three of the members have claimed the title "riksspelmän" (official master musicians) and the fourth is a unique male folk singer, unparallelled in Sweden.

"Rikedom och gåvor" (Wealth and gifts) forms a new chapter in the tale of the Swedish folk music group Svanevit, who this time heads south towards the lowlands of Skåne, the southernmost part of Sweden. This sequel to Svanevit's critically acclaimed debut album "Gryning" offers beatuiful songs, ballads, chorales and riveting dance tunes. All the material comes from the musical collections of the legendary fiddler John Enninger. This CD marks the 100th anniversary of his death in 1908.