Schäl Sick Brass Band
"Prasti Music" (CD 87129)
"Kesh Mesh" (CD 87089)
  Think global - blow local!

The Schäl Sick Brass Band started out as an alternative, multi-culti Cologne Carnival band ten years ago. With its offbeat style of world music, the band has since developed into one of the most exciting German music groups.

The "musical world theatre" (Sueddeutsche Zeitung) rides on the breeze of delightfully fresh and versatile "collective-blowing" in the spirit of "think global - blow local," supported by a rhythm section consisting of tuba, drums, percussion and guitar or Waldzither, that "grooves like hell" (Gitarre & Bass). After about 500 concerts at home and abroad - in Bavaria and Istanbul, in Morocco and Madrid, in Cologne's Carnival and concert halls, in Oetztal and Rimini, in Prague in springtime, in Budapest in autumn, in Ljubljana and Greece in summer - the journey continues. It's a journey that uses the simple language of music to contribute to a better intercultural understanding…"this is gloriously polycultural stuff" (Folkroots, UK).

"Kesh Mesh" is this colorful ensembles's fourth album. With the help of a diverse array of guests a very individual and intoxicating world music cocktail has been mixed once again. Among these guests: the German-Nigerian rapper Ade Odukoya of "Brothers Keepers" - Kristi Stassinopoulou, a Greek alternative rock singer from Athens - blues-harp virtuoso Eric Zeiler - pedal steel guitarist Steve Bohn. And it's been made unique by adding just the right combination of brass band sound, and rock and jazz elements. Ivanka Ivanova from Bulgaria, Victoria Riccio - an American with Italian ancestors - Mehrdad Hedayati from Iran and Marcellus Seng from the "South City" of Cologne are on hand again to perform the vocals on "Kesh Mesh".