Jan Reimer
"The Groove Project" -1996 (CD 4204)
  A Guitar Takes a Trip to the Future

"Jan Reimer is without doubt a master of abduction into the realm of senses. His sound magic on the guitar lets the listener discover his long lost imagination." (Berlin Tagesspiegel)

In his solo concerts, Jan Reimer didn't simply reproduce that which is forever pressed on record. With the ovation guitar and his "Experimental Guitar Percussion" as well as manifold special evvects, he also created a variety of sounds and strains. Suddenly a pleasing melody grates against an oblique chord, the sound turns all of a sudden classical, then again to folk from far away always, however, there is this melody which is simply beautiful.

Jan Reimer produced his first solo album "Escape from a Fairy Tale" in 1984. The famous German singer-songwriter Franz Joseph Degenhardt wrote about this album: "One could say that this album gives you an idea about how far the acoustic guitar has come today. This album is a demonstration of what can be reached with an ovation guitar. Everyone who plays the guitar, beginner or master, will be able to profit from it. Nothing more or better can be expected in the production of an album". - The second album was called "The Point of no Return". Whereas on its predecessor Reimer had strictly limited himself to the Ovation Guitar, this production is opening up a new world of sound introducing "Experimantal Guitar Percussion" (EGP). Basically EGP is a Contreras Guitar with inbuild microphones that is used as if it were a percussion instrument.

In 1987, Jan Reimer released "Painting Future". For the first time he uses other elements besides the guitar. Danny Thompson, England's chief bass player, picked the double bass on some titles. Apart from guitar, Jan Reimer played the percussion instruments and the xylohone. - The following release "Talking Pictures" became more complex and presented the music more like kaleidoscope of folk, jazz, South American rhythms and idiosyncratic arrangements - an acoustical roller-coaster ride through the many facets of the entire auditory landscape which may be created on nylon or steel guitar strings.

"The Groove Project" was a band project and featured the electric guitar a lot. Elements of Dance and Rock music were linked with music of latin american and african style. The result is a bridge between highly energetic elements, melodic compositions and different muscial cultures. Special guests on this album: Lydie Auvray plays the accordion, Simone Reifegerste (Be mine or run) vocals, Nick Douglas (Doro-Band) on bass, Neil Conti (David Bowie-Band, Jagger/Bowie, Annie Lennox-Band) on drums and Bob Stern on the saxophone.