Nordic Ethno Grooves -
Collections 1, 2 & 3
"Nordic Ethno Grooves, Collection 1"- 1998
(CD 87056)
  "Nordic Ethno Grooves, Collection 2"- 2000
(CD 87064)
  "Nordic Ethno Grooves, Collection 3"- 2002
(CD 87083
  Compilations of the most important new folk-rock-bands and -artists from Scandinavia. From the Land of the Midnight Sun comes a wave of new music rooted in traditional culture but infused with contemporary perspective. Across Scandinavia a new generation of musicians is discovering their own folk traditions and breathing new life and energy into tunes, dances and instruments handed down for centuries by their forefathers and foremothers. From Swedish fiddle tunes to Sami yoik, Finnish kantele to the Norwegian Hardanger tradition, young musicians throughout Scandinavia are taking musical traditions which can be traced back to medieval times and are playing and singing them in contemporary folk, rock, jazz and world music contexts. The results are spellbinding and tremendously diverse, making Scandinavia the single hottest region for interesting and exciting world music development.

Anja Beinroth in about "Nordic 2": This album samples the modern variety of Scandinavian roots music and includes mostly artists who have already made a name for themselves at least in other European countries if not further afield: Groupa, Hedningarna, Garmana, JPP, Wimme, Troka, Triakel, Anitas Livs and Hoven Droven are all represented, and should need no introduction. - The list of names may give you an idea of the broad range of approaches to Scandinavian traditional music featured here: from strongly evident roots right through to computer-generated dance grooves with merely a hint at the tradition.

The sampler works extremely well as a first introduction to current Scandinavian music, and will be a helpful guide when venturing further. Anyone who hasn't only recently discovered an interest in Scandinavian roots will probably already own most of the source recordings, though