Punjabi by Nature
"Jmpn for joy" - 1997 (CD 87049)
  Hotter than curry? - Ethno dancefloor?

What a riot! PbN audaciously blends Caribbean and disco rhythms with kooky samples and an ample dose of East Indian musical attitude to come up with its own unique brand of bangra.

PbN's rhythms, textured with rich Eastern influences, don't begin just and carry on straigthforward, mechanical beats, like most music of this genre (hip hop). The band varies its execution and layers the synthesized with the natural simultaneously employing both drum machines and various acoustic percussion, including congas.

As for the melodies, they are fairly generic, monotonous and simple - except when the Toronto band exposes its Asian heritage with impossible Indian vocal work that skirts across scales like a penny on a train track. This is dance music for the sophisticated mind.

The debut full-length CD was released in Canada in October 1995; in Europe in April 1997. The European release includes a Maxi-CD with smashing remixes