Kimmo Pohjonen
"8 Armed Monkey" - 2005 (CD 87119)
  "Uumen" - 2005 (CD 87116)
  "Kalmuk" - 2003 (CD 87092)
"Kalmuk" (DVD 28946)
  "Kluster" - 2002 (CD 87087)

KTU (pronounced "K2") is the double duo formation of Finns Kimmo Pohjonen & Samuli Kosminen (Kluster) and Texans Pat Mastelotto & Trey Gunn (TU/King Crimson). KTU's debut album, 8 Armed Monkey, a double edged balancing act of highwire hooliganism and semi-structured chaos, was recorded live in Tokyo and Helsinki and released on CD in August 2005.
Kimmo Pohjonen - accordion, voice
Samuli Kosminen - accordion samples, voice samples
Trey Gunn - Warr guitar
Pat Mastelotto - rhythmic devices

Seeds for KTU took root at SXSW in Austin Texas in March 1999 when Kimmo Pohjonen shared a billing with Mastelotto/Gunn/Fripp's Project Three at the Electric Lounge. Plans for the quartet took shape over the next five years. KTUís aim is to combine the creative energies, edge, imagination, humour and other elements of the double duos to make something new, different and musically explosive. Material is mainly comprised of compositions by Pohjonen and Kosminen, plus pieces by Gunn and Mastelotto and arrangements and improvisations by all four. Surround sound design and additional effects by Heikki Iso-Ahola. See KTU video:

UUMEN: Kimmo Pohjonen (accordion)/ Eric Echampard (drums) joined forces in 2001 with the goal to make totally improvised music, live on stage with no rehearsals. They have succeeded in their aim to ride the edge of melody, counterpoint, energy and tension as proven by the enthusiastic audiences at each performance, as well as by the satisfaction and exhilaration of the two players.

KLUSTER: Kluster features accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen, who stretches the definition and sound of accordion beyond anything previously known plus sampling mastermind Samuli Kosminen with his infinite number of sampled percussive sounds and effects, all originating from Pohjonenís accordion and voice. Their live shows include surround sound and lighting for a full dimensional experience. Kluster has toured worldwide in rock, jazz, classical, avant-garde, contemporary, folk and world music festivals and events. The Kluster CD was released in 2003.

KALMUK: Kimmo has composed, created and performed the spectacle Kalmuk, a massive work for 15-piece symphony orchestra, two percussionists (Kosminen and Assefa), quadraphonic sound, live effects and light show. This show debuted in Helsinki in December 2000 and toured England with great success in November 2002. Kimmo Pohjonen is one of the three winners of the first Teosto Prize, given by the Finnish Composers' Copyright Society Teosto in 2003 for this work. A Sibelius Academy jury chose the winners based on originality, courage and innovation.

"Something completely different is Kalmuk (Westpark) from the Finnish accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen and the Tapiola Sinfonietta, recorded live at the Helsinki Savoy. Usually taking listeners into a sinister avant-garde
world of wheezing,loops and sounds beyond description, this time Pohjonen has gone all classical on us. And it's fantastic." (MOJO, February 2003)