Wolfgang Meyerings MALBROOK
"Qwade Wulf" - 2008 (CD 87150)
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  "Malbrook" - 2004 (CD 87102)

Malbrook, in Lowgerman (the original language of northern Germany, more like dutch than like german) means dancdevil. It is an description for a like mad dancing person. Malbrook also is a well known trad. Melody in northern Europe.

Since centuries the north of Germany has a strong connection to the south of Scandinavia. These two regions always had a strong exchange in trading, knowledge and culture. The zenith of this development was in the late mediaeval time, at the time of the Hanse (a union of trading cities in the north of Europe). In that period Lowgerman was the most important language for trading in northern Europe. Lowgerman has had a strong influence to the Scandinavian languages. Also in other cultural things, like music, there was a strong exchange between northern Germany an southern Scandinavia. A lot of Songs, Lyrics and tunes are similar in both regions in the late medieval time.

This was the starting point for the project "Malbrook".

Together with friends from Bohuslän in southern Sweden and colleagues from the north of Germany, Wolfgang Meyering produced these CDs. All the tunes and songs are traditional or original Music from northern Germany. But they all have something Scandinavian which even gets stronger with the playing of guest musicians from Sweden and Norway.

Songs about murder, jealousy and death. Strange children songs in polka stile and a suite of schottische (Schotsken) played on Mandola, Mandolin, Hurdy Gurdy, German and Swedish Bagpipe, Bohemian/German Harp, Flutes, Fiddles Percussion, Loops, Sounds and more.