Latin Quarter
"Tilt" - 2014 (CD 87266)
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  "Ocean Head " - 2012 (CD 87221) latin quarter - ocean head (CD 87221)

Latin Quarter first burst onto the scene with their singles "Radio Africa" and "New Millionaires" - songs that stayed for months in the German single charts in the 80s, with the album "Modern Times" selling more than 300.000 copies worldwide. The band then went on to make 5 more albums before splitting up in 1998.

However, in 2011 five of the original musicians got together again. Unlike other bands they didn't rely on previous fame but released an album with new songs, reflecting private and political life today. "Ocean Head" was released in 2012 in Germany only, but the follow up album "Tilt" is scheduled for the release in GSA in March 2014 and in the UK in May 2014.

In 2010 it was already obvious that the band would be reformed. Singer and Songwriter Steve Skaith had released an album with his own project "Steve Skaith Band", where he presented former hits of the band Latin Quarter in a semi-acoustic version. It was an intimate album, the compositions stripped down to their melodic basis. Steve Skaith, member of a human rights organization and fan of Phil Ochs (idol of Bob Dylan and Eddie Vedder as well), set the focus on what has been a trade mark of Latin Quarter: political and timeless lyrics of lyricist Mike Jones, dealing with political and personal crisis and grievance. And of course, love.

This album gained a lot of response and respect and led to the reunification of the band Latin Quarter. The revived band is still composing around ingenious lyrics, full of wit and critical comments on contempoarary politics combined but with equal emphasis on melody and rhythm. Latin Quarter are celebrating their 30th anniversary with this new album, new compositions and wonderful lyrics, mostly written by Mike Jones. Special Guest on the "Tilt": Chris Rea on slide guitar, Richard Wright and Ed Hogston on electric guitar.