Kick At The Darkness
Songs of Bruce Cockburn

"Kick At The Darkness - Songs of Bruce Cockburn" (CD 87025)
  13 cover-versions of Bruce Cockburn-songs, recorded by Canadian bands and artists. Jane Siberry, Barenaked Ladies, Ken Myr (Cowboy Junkies), Bob Wiseman (Blue Rodeo) and Cottage Industry may be known to you. The first single, an acoustic version of "Lovers in a dangerous time" climbed up to number 32 in the Canandian charts within six weeks after the release.

Bruce Cockburn has a huge catalogue of beautiful, compelling songs to his credit, and a wonderfully diverse group of Canadian bands and artists honor him by exploring his exquisite writing on their own turf (Music Express - 1/92). The selection of songs for "Kick at the Darkness" is judicious and the versions are not just straight and simple interpretations (Le Soliel - Jan. 4, 1992).

Martin Tielli and Jane Siberry's cover of "A Long Time Love Song" includes contributions from a tuba, cello and violin. Cottage Industry's version of "Rocket Launcher" relies on some heavy electric guitar. And B-Funn's rendition of "Wondering Where the Lions Are" featured funked-out soul with a horn section and heavy synthesizer, is about as far from the original version as one could imagine (The Weal - Jan. 9, 1992). Almost all the artists add fascinating new dimensions to the songwriter's material (The Record - Dec. 16, 1991).

Make no mistake - "Kick at the Darkness" is a gorgeous record. A wide range of artists runs the gamut of musical tastes to produce 13 tracks of wild, eclectic beauty. This is anything but a money maker - and perhaps that's why it's so good (The Weal).