KELPIE - Kerstin Blodig / Ian Melrose
"Live!" - 2010 (CD 87187)
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"Var det du - var det deg?" - 2007 (CD 87139)
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  "Kelpie" - 2002 (CD 87090)

Live! - The "Celtic-Scandinavian Dream-Team", Kerstin Blodig und Ian Melrose, have just released an audiophile live recording. Many popular and often-requested songs from the Kelpie live programme are now available on CD!

Kerstin and Ian founded the duo Kelpie in 1997. After a total of 15 years of playing together in different projects and on many CD productions they are an experienced and totally synchronized team, who effortlessly understand each other and can react to the slightest nuances in each other's playing. This quality is particularly evident in their live concerts, which have earned them an international reputation. The legendary "Kelpie-wall-of-sound", this opulent acoustic orchestration impresses with carefully crafted guitar and vocal arrangements, the varied use of ethnic flutes, bodhrán, bouzouki and the sparse but effective use of bass-maker, delay-effects and foot percussion. It's hard to believe there are only two people playing!

What audiences particularly react to is the passionate, obvious and infectious joy these two full-blooded musicians experience in making music together, a joy which often results in euphoric demands for more and more encores.

"Var det du - var det deg?" - "Was it you or was it you?" is a wonderful mixture of easily singable mouth music (in the old Norwegian tradition of sung dance music) and cheeky dialect. The outside cover shows, as on Kelpie`s previous CD, a painting by Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen: "Nøkken"-"The Water Sprite". "Kelpie" is the Scottish equivalent, a mystic water horse in Scottish mythology. Kelpie`s fascination for mystical creatures is evident in their choice of repertoire. "Troll expert" Kerstin had already dedicated her latest solo album "Trollsang" to those living under the ground…

While the first CD, "Kelpie", was strictly acoustic and as performed live, this CD shows the whole spectrum of their creativity - allowing them to fully exploit their multi-instrumental and compositional talents, using overdubs and samples as well as acoustic instruments and voices. Fantastic guest musicians, Peter Jakk, Talking Water`s bassist and percussionist Urs Fuchs and Norwegian multi-instrumentalist, radio and record producer Leiv Solberg - here on the Hardanger fiddle, brought in exciting new flavours and ideas.