Humba 1, 2 & 3
Humba 1, Fastelovend Roots Project - 1994 (CD 0991)
  Humba 2, Fastelovend Roots Project" - 1997
(CD 87050)
  Kölsche Mädche / Lappemann - CD-Single 1997
(CD - S 87052)
  Humba 3, The Power of Jeckness" - 1999 (CD 0982)
  Do you know that Cologne in Germany is not only famous for its Cathedral and "Eau de Cologne"? - Its also famous - especially in Germany - for celebrating the Carnival (the "fifth" season). From Nov. 11, 11:11 o'clock till late February of the next year lots of festivities are going on - but as everywhere: the official Carnival in Cologne has a lot to do with money, it is very static, very traditional, very german and a kind of ordered public merrymaking. Guys like you and me wouldn't be involved. So there are alternatives to the official Carnival - parties, festivities, processions, street carnival and music - and here is part of the alternative.

"Humba" is a key-word in the German Carnival. It is connected to a song that they (in opposition to 'us') sing when they're having their carnival-party, are drunk enough, feeling happy and relaxed. It is very much connected to the traditional carnival - and people who celebrate carnival in an alternative way would probably not sing the song. Using it as a title for these compilations is somewhat ironic.

Francis Gay