"Rimfaxe" - 2006 (CD 87130)

Through their intense and witty interpretations, allied to an innovative combination of instruments, the group creates a fascinating landscape around their mythical medieval ballads, hymns and whirling minuets. Gjallarhorn’s dynamic and expressive arrangements of world music have brought the old Nordic tonalities to modern audiences within fields as diverse as jazz, rock and world music. As one of the leading exports within the field of Nordic music, the group also frequently tours the international arena, appearing in leading world music festivals. Gjallarhorn has been fêted in many countries. Honours received include the coveted French “Academie Charles Croz”, “LaMonde de la Musique CHOC” and “Trad Magazine Bravos!!!” awards. During 2006-2007 the group is touring USA twice, starting in July 2006, followed by Japan, Australia and Germany.

The theme of this CD is the magic horse that frequently appears in Nordic mythology. The album features some surprising sounds and a deep bass boost from the recently introduced sub contrabass recorder. Although this is the group’s most ambient, modern, and rhythmically varied album yet, it remains deeply rooted in the Nordic vocal tradition. Instrumentalists as multi-talented as the members of Gjallarhorn are able to create astonishing soundscapes within the radically different conditions afforded by live and studio performance. The CD has international distribution and was mixed in the US by legendary sound engineer Bruce Swedien. Grammy awarded Swedien is known for the Michael Jackson albums and for his work with artists like Quincy Jones, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Jennifer Lopez.

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