"Hildegard von Bingen" 2001
(CD 87081)
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  "Vedergällningen / Vergeltung" 1999
(CD 87061)  
  "Gamen" - CD-Single + bonus- track + CD-R-Video - 1999 (CD 87069)

  "Guds Spelemän" - 1997
(CD 87046)   
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  "Vittrad" - 1995
(CD 87042)
  "Garmarna" - 1993 // 2003
(CD 87096)

With roots firmly planted in Nordic folk music, Garmarna creates their own music influenced by the rock tradition they've all grown up with. They ignore the unwritten laws of how folk music should be performed in favour of a no bounds music free of restricting conventions. Music half new - and newly written - and half traditional with ancient instrumentation next to sampled drumloops, suggestive mouth harps, tender violins and distorted guitars. Garmarna's studio work has earned the band critical praise and top selling world music records. So far every album released by Garmarna has been nominated for a Swedish Grammy award. They took home the prize for Guds Speleman. Abroad the band has been profiled by the likes of the FolkRoots, The New York Times, Rolling Stone and Billboard.

Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) was a visionary mystic from The Rhine and an extraordinary woman. It has been said about Hildegard that had she been a man, she would have been regarded as one of the world's greatest artists and intellectuals. Apart from being an abbess in a large and flourishing Benedictine monastery, she was also a prominent preacher, healer, scientist and artist, writing books in many and varied subjects. She was also a poet and composer. Regarding herself to be the trumpet of God, she never differentiated between words and music but rather saw this as a unity.