floorJIVERS tracklist
"blue-TRAXS" - 2009 (CD 87172)
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  "e-STYLEZ" - 2006 (CD 87136)
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The floorJIVERS develop their music like a movie sound track, taking the listener on a journey through different landscapes of sound. To Marseille for instance where french style accordion sound mixes with arabesque melody lines of the saxophone. Relaxed Dubs and Lounge sounds merge into soulful brass moments and fulminant grooves rooted in funky deep house tradition meets the dancefloor.

And - of course - the floorJIVERS pay respect to their 'heroes': Richie Havens with "Freedom" for instance or Cooley/Cavenports with "Fever" as special dance versions. A special reverence is made to the unforgotten master of Souljazz Eddie Harris, with a charming minimalstic e-jazz interpretation of his "Freedom Jazz Dance"'.


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