Hoven Droven
  "Rost" - 2011 (CD 87217)
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  "Turbo" - 2006 (CD 87128)
  "hippa" - 2001 (CD 87080)
  "Hoven Droven" - 2000 (CD 87073)

HOVEN DROVEN -20 years of folkrocking the world!
For 20 years, and six albums, the Swedish folkrock combo HOVEN DROVEN has roamed the worlds stages with their unique brand of swedish folk music, combined with the most infectious rocking grooves. Earning a Swedish Grammy nomination for their 2006 live album "Jumping at The Cedar", recorded in Minneapolis U.S.A, the band is now set to celebrate their 20 year anniversary with a brand new album.

"Hoven Droven combines the melodic sense of folk music with the intensity and attitude of a heavy metal band. Since coming together in the small town of Ostersund, the band has continued to roar with unleashed potency. According to FolkRoots, the musical approach of Hoven Droven is reminiscent of "...ringing strings, power pop, E2 brass and one bell-for-leather tune with acid guitar feedback."

Hoven Droven took their name from a provincial slang term meaning "hullabaloo" or "whatever." Several members also perform with Swedish rock, punk and heavy metal groups. The folk-meets-metal sound of Hoven Droven reflects the musicians' diverse backgrounds. While Eriksson favors traditional folk music, bass player Pedro Blom (b. 1967) is a fan of Motorhead and AC/DC. Saxophonist Jens Comen (b. 1968) has played rock, pop, be-bop and big band jazz. Guitarist Bo Lindberg (b. 1960) is an influential music teacher and formerly worked with the rock band Myrbein." - Craig Harris (All-Music Guide)