Dario Domingues
"Los Vibrantes" - 1999 (CD 87066)
  "Under the Totems - Part two" - 1995 (CD 87041)
  "Maria" & others - 1994 (CD-Single 87038)  
  "Born in the Land of Wind" - 1985/1994 (CD 87036)
  "Under the Totems - Part one" - 1993 (CD 87033)
  "Sunset over the Cordilleras" - 1992 (CD 87027)  
  "Awakening in Rhythms" - recorded 1987 / released 2000 (CD 87076)
  In the early 80th Dario Domigues became a symbol of World Music - long before the cathegory was established. He was symbol between indian music and influences from other cultures.

Dario was a genius with his South American flutes. His music is a combination of South American rhythms, old indian music and original melodies with a range of exotic, acoustic and electronic instruments, some of them self made. He sang his own compositions and he played a wide variety of native drums including the Bombos from Argentina and Afro-Brasilian-Percussions.