Lydie Auvray
  "3 Couleurs" (CD 87240)

  "Trio" (CD 87181)

  "Regards" (CD 87133)

  "Pure" (CD 87106)

  "Tango Toujours" (CD 87099)

  "Premiere & Paradiso" (CD 87021)

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"I have always played tangos and I already composed several in my early years. Just like musette waltz, tango belongs to my musical culture. Of course not the Argentinean tango, even less the tango nuevo (I had never heard of Piazzola at that time), but rather a European type of tango, with more rhythm, more the dancing style. I happen to be French and not Argentinean!

At the end of our concerts, the audience has increasingly been asking for CDs with tangos.
Most of my records include one, more seldom two tangos. This is how the idea was born to produce a mere tango album. While recording my previous record, I met with the four wonderful ladies of the Indigo string quartet. We played together one of my tangos.
Our cooperation was just great and I felt like doing more with them. More tangos?! - The idea was taking shape.

Now that tango is no longer all the rage, I have decided "let's do it !" The Auvrettes and myself rearranged all of my tangos - some really old ones, as well as a few unpublished pieces - and recorded them with the string quartet Indigo."

"Premiere + Paradiso" - two CDs and 70 minutes that changed the history of accordion-music in Germany. In 1981 and 1983 Lydie Auvray released her recordings "Premiere" and "Paradiso". They made her famous all over Germany. Her way of playing the accordion was not only exceptional, but unheard before.

Lydie Auvray has released 14 records up to now - here are the ones that started her career (digitally remasterd of course).