"Lux" - 2013 (CD 87243)   
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"Bastard Etno" - 2010 (CD 87183)   
  "Reptilica Polaris" - 2008 (CD 87)  

  "Akrobakkus" - 2006 (CD 76)   
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  "Retrograd" - 2004 (CD 67)

LUX is the name of the new release from Afenginn - the three time Danish Music Award winning, self-proclaimed 'Bastard Orchestra' from Retrograd. Three years after the International release - Bastard Etno - Afenginn is back with an album that widens the horizon. Still intoxicating and borderless with branches in every musical direction, but with a defined expression and calm none like before.

With LUX Afenginn seems to made its way home. Presenting a release, that unfolds and is with its cinematic images a classical piece that invites the listener to immerse. Where the messenger is a band with a composer who has gone through a cleansing and celebrates with a piece that marks a new beginning. And - sums up after ten years with Afenginn.

The Swedish-talking Finn from the Danish band has gone cold turkey and hereafter seeing the light deep inside the woods of Sweden. Kim Rafael Nyberg laughs. For him LUX represents a rebirth. The personal headline might as well have been 'an awakening': "I quit drinking nearly two years ago, and the record is connected to the awakening you get when you stop being affected. It all becomes a little brighter and clear and the fog eases. And the music is written in a period after that", says Kim Nyberg.

Confused? Kim Nyberg is all but that and has written a piece that signals clarity and which in its form resembles classical music. As the autumn sonata - Autumnus Elegia - on which he has invited Danish folk colleague, pianist Nikolaj Busk, as one among several interesting guest soloists on the album.

Afenginn is - besides Kim Rafael Nyberg - the usual suspects with Rasmus Krøyer on clarinet and Niels Skovmand on violin, adding colors to the palette. Assisted by drummer Rune Kofoed along with the new addition, Erik Olevik, adding in passages of bass, which seem a direct salute to the century old ballet music of Stravinsky and works like The Firebird and especially Le Sacre du Printemps. - On LUX the orchestra has also brought on guest stars like Mads Hyhne on trombone and Bent Clausen on various percussion has gone directly from collaborations with Tom Waits and Damon Albarn's Chinese opera to the lost troubadours from mythical Retrograd.

"Lux" is composed as a small symphony or audio novel if you wish. The tunes are thoruoughly put together, and each piece leads to the next, and it's recommended to dedicate a concentrated listen to it although it works great in the background as well.